Let There Be Light

Your gift will bring solar lights and water purifiers to widows and orphans in East Africa and Northern Iraq.

The year was 2011 as we encountered a village of orphans and widows. After the 2007 election genocide, many husbands and fathers were killed. Widows in remote W. Kenya were selling their bodies to pay for kerosene so their kids could study at night. They had to collect sticks to make fires to boil water. They had lost hope. There were only a small handful of Believers among them. A simple gift of a Bible, a solar light, and a water purifier changed their lives overnight. No more struggling to get kerosene! No more boiling dirty water! The Kingdom of God came upon this devastated community and People Group. Today, there is packed full church with over 300, clean water, solar lights, and a new school for the orphans and vulnerable children. It all started with a cry to God on their behalf and a simple campaign to bring Light to the village. God took what we offered and multiplied it beyond imagination.  Now, we're doing it again with the Yezidi widows and orphans from ISIS in Iraq. Their suffering is beyond tragic. Four plus years in tents now falling apart. Six hours of electricity a day. This is not acceptable. We need to come crashing in with the Kingdom of God.

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