General Support For Refugees – $100

$100 gift sustains a family for one month.

Over the past three years, more than 1,000,000 people have been killed and 8,000,000 displaced by conflicts and instability in Iraq and Syria.  While the Islamic State is now greatly diminished, the refugee crisis remains acute.  Most refugees hope to remain in their home region.  Economically, politically and socially, keeping refugees in cultures and communities with which they are familiar is the best possible solution to the crisis, both for them and for the West.  Relocating a single displaced person to the West costs on average $62,000.  The cost of sustaining an entire displaced family in their home area is approximately $100 per month.UN Camp residents account for 750,000 of the IDPs/refugees; the remainder live in villages scattered across the Duhok Governate in Kurdistan.  Displaced persons in UN Camps receive only $11 monthly for food vouchers; the UN recently cut off all food distribution outside the camps.  This means the refugees in the villages, mostly Christians, receive no food support or official assistance of any kind.

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