training a group of government officials

Our nonprofit in Kurdistan, International Learning Center (ILC), provides Resident Permits for over 40 missionaries. It’s the platform that keeps us all here as Gospel workers. 

This year we have pivoted towards providing more help for Kurdish civil society. The local needs are great. And if you want to be allowed to stay and help refugees, you have to help the host community as well. 

Fostering a healthy, developing Kurdistan is a good thing on many levels. For starters the Kurds are a great ally to the U.S. and the West. It is a fairly democratic, fairly open and tolerant bulkhead in a difficult part of the world. Women here are treated especially well. 

We’ve now begun a series of trainings to build much needed capacity among government leaders. We’ve already held two trainings with 50 attendees, receiving rave reviews. Government officials are contacting us nonstop for trainings in their departments! Good word is spreading!

Our focus is on servant leadership, team building, and communication skills. The next training classes will include 50 high level secret police officers. These aren’t bad new friends for us to have here! The trainers are all Believers and the content is steeped in Gospel teaching and values. 

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training a group of government officials
group of government officials being trained
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