Yates Family

The Yates:

Joshua was a bad man on a destructive path when, while in prison, Jesus radically transformed his life. Leaving a lifestyle of drug and alcohol addiction, he was discipled through a ministry called the Denton Freedom House. After completing the program Joshua first became an intern and then a staff member serving from 2009 to 2016 in the various roles of disciple maker, evangelist, church planter and coffee master, both stateside and internationally. 

In 2011 he met Donna, the love of his life, who shared a passion for Jesus, coffee and unreached people groups. Donna is a neonatal intensive care nurse and has served both in the Middle East and western Europe. It was a natural fit to join their lives and love for the Lord.

Shortly after the couple married, they hopped a plane to India in 2013, where they served together in church planting, disciple-making, social entrepreneurship, ministry to street children and founding the children’s home. 

They have been blessed with three beautiful children: Madelyn, Caleb and Rebecca. After Caleb’s birth in 2015, they were denied an Indian visa for him and so unexpectedly found themselves back in the United States. 

After a few months of waiting, God stirred their hearts to Northern Iraq where they have served since 2016, teaching and training indigenous leaders to reach Iraq, Iran and Syrians with the Gospel while simultaneously ministering to the poor and oppressed through providing various forms of education, food, medical care, small business opportunities, and ministry in war torn areas.