Don’t Forget Them

Don’t Forget Them is a documentary about a doctor who visits refugee camps in Northern Iraq with a Love For The Least mission trip and relates their stories. Available on Amazon Jan 25, 2021.

Here is a list of all the festival selections and awards won by the film. New York International Film Awards:

Best Documentary, Best Trailer, Best Song (Ey Raqib, Dashi Morad).
NIFF Houston International Film Festival: Best of the Festival Award.
London Independent Film Awards: Best Documentary.
Five Continents International Fim Festival: Best Documentary, Best Screenplay.
Metropolitan Film Festival of NYC: Best Documentary Feature.
European Cinematography Awards: Best Documentary Feature.
Florence Film Festival: Best Original Score (Bobby Brader), Honorary Mention Best Documentary.
Top Indie Film Awards: Best Message, nominated for Best Documentary Feature, and Best Editing.
Orlando International Christian Film Festival: Nominated for Best Documentary.
Impact DOCS Awards: Award of Excellence for Viewer Impact: Motivational / Inspirational, and an Award of Merit Special Mention for Documentary Feature.
Christian Family Film Festival: Silver, Best Documentary.
Morehouse College Human Rights Film Festival: Finalist.
New Filmmakers NY: Finalist. Venice Film Festival: Finalist.
International Social Change Film Festival: Finalist.
Burbank International Film Festival: Semi-Finalist.
Film For Peace: Selected.
Miami Independent Film Festival: Selected.
Docs Without Borders Film Festival: Selected.
Central Florida Film Festival: Selected.
Injustice for All Film Festival: Selected.
Charlotte Film Festival: Selected.
Sands Film Festival: Selected.
Tryon Film Festival: Selected.
Impact Doc Awards: Selected.
(In)Justice for All Film Festival: Selected.
Orlando Film Festival: Selected.
Awareness Film Festival: Selected.
Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival: Selected.
Julien Dubuque International Film Festival: Selected.
Mediterranean Film Festival Cannes: Selected.
Bridges International Film Festival: Selected.
Big Syn International Film Festival, London: Selected.