Advent Conspiracy

Advent Conspiracy 2019

Be part of a different story this Christmas, one that celebrates our King and brings hope to a watching world.

Angels announced His birth! Kings traveled to see Him. A great star shone in the sky. The long-awaited Messiah had come to save. God’s great plan of redemption was underway.

How do we celebrate this amazing, world changing event?! We Americans will spend $721 BILLION this year on gifts, decorations, travel and Christmas holiday events, while people around the world go without food, clean water, homes and clothing.
How does this honor the birth of our King? Do we really celebrate Christmas differently from people who just consider it a “Winter Holiday”?

Let’s push back against the culture! Join the Advent Conspiracy! This is our 9th Conspiracy, putting Jesus back in Christmas. We do this by Worshiping Fully, Spending Less, Giving More and Loving All. Every year the conspiracy grows!
The idea is for Christ followers to spend more time in worship this Advent, reduce our spending by 10 percent or more, and make a gift to the least in Jesus’ Name. Imagine what it would look like to a watching world if we did this! Christmas is MORE than a “Winter Holiday.”

Last year we provided Christmas celebrations and joy with food and gifts for more than a thousand orphans and hundreds of widows in East Africa and thousands of suffering Christian refugee families in N. Iraq. It was a beautiful Christmas for Jesus. God was glorified and His love made known. So many lives were touched.

This year we’ll do the same. A gift of $30 provides a month’s worth of food for a family that escaped from ISIS and is unable to return home due to continued violence and threats. $50 provides food and small gifts for the children. We have over 1,000 Christian refugee families in our city alone in this bad situation.

We plan to hold our annual celebrations for orphans at three sites in E Africa, UN Camps Sandy and Charlie 2 in N. Iraq and in 42 Christian refugee villages. And, if enough Conspirators come through, we can buy a new van for Samaritan Village Orphanage in Tanzania. They now have one working van for carting 56+ orphans to school, to see doctors, for trips into town, etc.
If your church is interested in a special project this year, let us know and we can share opportunities. May His Kingdom come as we Christ followers conspire to take back Christmas.

Conspirators can make a gift at our website and order more materials – including gift forms and ornaments – at You can also find more Advent Conspiracy resources at
All gifts to Advent Conspiracy will go to loving orphans, widows, and refugees in Jesus’ Name. This annual uprising is completely separate from our regular missionary support, for which we are truly grateful.